I was so thankful that Laura

offered to help me organize

my kitchen cupboards. I had

been procrastinating this for

so long. She was able to

complete this in just a couple of hours. I

recommend her highly!  - Karen M.


Laura came into a pig sty of

a kitchen and made it an

organized, functional haven. 

We know where everything

is, and she made it very easy to maneuver

around our cupboards and drawers. 

Instead of digging through a million

utensils only to curse and never find what

we are looking for, she offered our family

suggestions to make our lives easier. 

We now have an organized space and have

gotten rid of a ton of unwanted, unused,

useless items that were taking up valuable

space in our kitchen. 

It is definitely worth the expense to hire

Laura.  She was courteous, knowledgeable

and asked our opinion on where /what she

was working on as she was doing it.  It is

truly 150% better to find things in.  I feel

like we just moved in!

Thank you Laura!    - Stacy V.

Client Testimonials

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You know the saying "a

place for everything &

everything in its place"?

Before enlisting the help of

Kick the Klutter, I didn't

have a place for much of anything so

everything was everywhere! But now when

I pick up around the house, I know exactly

where I want to put each item. It makes

tidying up & keeping things tidy much

easier!    - Jenny B. 

I always thought I was some what organized, until I had Laura help with my bathroom!  She has awesome ideas, and has the drive to tackle the toughest jobs!  I have known Laura for over 10 years and would highly recommend her if you need to “kick the klutter” or just organize your cupboards better.   -Amanda P. Laura Suchy at Kick the Klutter can really help you organize any area of your home. We really appreciated the work she did for us. She is reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and very personable. Call Laura to transform your space so it works for you and your family. A very satisfied client, -Cynthia