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Maintenance Package

Sometimes in life we are so busy with work, school, kid’s activities, social events and more, that our once organized home or office quickly becomes neglected. Instead of being our personal sanctuary or an efficient work space, these spaces become filled with our day to day clutter and after a while, this clutter gets to be overwhelming.  We will help you to keep the systems that were put in place during our initial session(s) fine tuned and running smoothly. This package features the option to have the organization plans Kick the Klutter already set in place, be regularly maintained on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis allowing you more time to commit to your day to day living and less time to Kick the Klutter.  Whether you just need periodic “tune-ups” or ongoing support, maintenance services are a good investment to ensure that you stay on track with your organizing and life goals. Services include but are not limited to: -Putting away clean laundry -Sorting/reorganizing kids toys -Restocking cupboards and pantry -Paperwork filing -Storage organization for seasonal decor -Make revisions as needed to accomodate any changes that have taken place in your life.   Fees for this service are $32 per hour. - After a 3 month time lapse of service, a free repeat consultation would be necessary to assess if our Maintenance Package can be utilized. Maintenance services are available at the discretion of Kick the Klutter, LLC and are not always available to every client.

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